Who is Jayden?


Jayden Hollywood, Financial Life Coach

Jayden was not always the financial guru that he is today. Growing up in a household, just shy of the federal poverty line in Prince George’s County, MD he knew the importance of money management, but didn’t have the tools to create the financial stability he so desperately craved. Graduating Towson University with a B.S in Accounting & incurring a large amount of debt, Jayden was determined to make a change.

 With a little hard work and A LOT of sacrifice, Jayden became financially independent, gained professional growth as an accountant at a small CPA firm in Atlanta and became a Certified Financial Life Coach. Over the past five years he’s worked with clients in just about every industry-helping them not only expand their financial portfolios, but to create plans that ensure financial sustainability & longevity.

 As a financial life coach, Jayden’s goal is to help millennials such as himself, gain independence and create unique action plans that encompasses their goals, hopes & dreams. Invest in yourself and have Jayden help you become GREAT! Start by following Jayden on social media & moving your money the RIGHT way by requesting your FREE consultation today!. 

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